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Despite the fact that it was distributed by Touchstone Pictures, the film distribution label of Walt Disney Pictures, Disney was very particular about the way its classic cartoons were depicted on screen. Naked sex scenes. I actually found the mixing of live action and animation more unsettling - I think I'm closer to figuring out why sparkly vampires scare some of us more than bloodsucking ones - not because they're meant to be scary - but the uncanny valley stuff in this Roger Rabbit movie will haunt me in other ways than Judge Doom.

Which is why -- in an effort to save the Company from some future embarrassment -- Disney has adopted this "No Nudes is Good News" policy. This thread is locked.

Jessica rabbit naked frame

I should point out that this is strictly a North American attitude. Retrieved November 4, You'll need a laser disc, and you better hurry--they're in short supply at Southland video outlets. Jessica rabbit naked frame. Chances are you had no idea what a prostate was when you were a kid. Whatever the case, the ink and paint prank was the was the work of animator Dave Spafford and very intentional according to this articlewhich you should totally read if you wanna know more about the stuff he failed to sneak in. That filmed traumatised my sister.

Thanks to Christopher Lloyd's terrifying performance, Judge Doom goes down in the history books as one of the scariest movie villains ever. Orson Welles just made a movie about a guy who wrote newspapers or something. Sucking saggy tits. Well, they'd have lost their minds. I loved the film as a kid, even though I never understood it.

Fictional singers Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fictional characters introduced in Female characters in animation Animated human characters Disney animated characters Characters in American novels of the 20th century Sexuality in fiction.

And depending on who you talk to, Robert Zemeckis was also supposed to have been in on this gag as well -- this was just the next generation of animators honoring the traditions of its pioneers. User was banned for: The filmed that warped a generation? To me the idea of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen style inclusion of all the classic cartoon characters of old teaming up together in one movie mixed with live action seemed cooler to me now than Jessica Rabbit's alleged sex appeal.

I was a kid and the most prominent scene was the cartoon gun scene The Disney Dish Episode InJessica Rabbit was selected by Empire Magazine as one of The Greatest Movie Characters of All-Time, explaining that despite being drawn as a classic femme fataleone of the movie's strengths is to allow the character to play against the stereotype".

It was made originally in what, or something? Including slipping a single salacious cel into each short. Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Retrieved 29 August Animators could easily hide something fun or funny in the frames for people to hunt for and it wouldn't be an issue.

Every studio wanted to be in the Spielberg Beeswax, and the appearance of so many popular intellectual property in Roger Rabbit can be directly attributed to his negotiation clout, including the infamous tale of landing Looney Tunes characters from Warner Bros. If you blinked, you missed it. The bit at the beginning where Baby Herman walks under the lady's dress? But even so, as a direct result of these two brief bits of male nudity, "Brave" still wound up being only the third film in Pixar history to be receive a PG rating with 's " The Incredibles " and 's " Up " being the other two.

Retrieved August 18, If there are portions of the movie-going family that are uncomfortable with nudes in a children's movie, then no nudity belongs in a family-friendly movie.

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That scene makes me want to turn the TV off every time. Furthermore, when she blows kisses as seen to Eddie in one scene the lip-kisses are also done in a cartoonish style. Wedding big tits. In one three-frame sequence that can only be spotted in the standard-play disc, the animated character's skirt hikes up during a twirl, revealing that the voluptuous redhead is not wearing any underwear.

Betsy Brantley [1] [2]. And when, at the end, the main villian goes all creepy with those eyes I mean come on. You remember what channel? The best part of this scene, however, is of course the dueling piano act featuring Donald Duck and Daffy Duck.

Kathleen Turner speaking voice Amy Irving singing voice. Disney officials were not immediately available for comment, but were said to be holding meetings to see what, if anything, should be done. Hey, they were 2 good roger rabbit videogames sorta. Kids these days, they don't know what variety they have!

The Disney Dish Podcast Episode Back then, Errol Flynn was a dashing hero on screen and a drunk, drug addicted, womanizer in the real world, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit is very much about what cartoon stars do in their downtime.

Including slipping a single salacious cel into each short. It's the one where he talks about cheesecake in games.

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Boop was doing something a bit naughty. Pretty sure it was Disney channel, either that or ABC was running it. Sexy nude photoshoot. Jessica rabbit naked frame. Animators could easily hide something fun or funny in the frames for people to hunt for and it wouldn't be an issue.

Why some parents or psychologists feel the need to make kids believe that they're built like a doll, I will never understand. You may remember Who Framed Roger Rabbi t as a beloved animated film from your childhood, but upon viewing it as an adult, you might be shocked at its marked explicit content. The chronology of this reference is a bit mixed-up, considering the movie didn't premiere until three years after Roger Rabbit is supposed to take place, but you could argue that it's based on Mary Kay Harvey's play of the same title, which was written in The bounce of Jessica's bosom was reversed from that of a real woman so that it would bounce up when a real woman's breasts bounce down and vice versa.

Especially since I got the reference back then. Animators should take a queue from ILM and stick a sneaker in with the ships attacking the Death Star instead of seeing if they can sneak in something salacious. As kids we may have known something wasn't right about a cartoon baby smoking a giant cigar, but the sexual predilections of Baby Herman may have gone over our innocent little heads.

Questal, Bimbo, Boop, and Fleisher. Taylor would go on to provide the voice in test footage from

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