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Here be fiction, folks. John cena nude photos. Well they work in a country Canada where gay marriage is legal, so hopefully they will take advantage of the opportunity.

Whether they're straight, gay, or bi doesn't matter. I bet Jared's marked him with his scent and threatens anyone that comes near jensen. Jared padalecki and jensen ackles naked. As he reached out to open it, Jensen took a deep breath and pushed. Interestingly, my husband agrees with you about their relative levels of attractiveness, but, being a straight guy, he's never been able to articulate WHY he thinks Jared is better looking, so I remain puzzled by the gender difference.

Sam Winchester doesn't really get to smile that often, so when he does, it really is like the sun coming out from behind clouds. Finally Jared was satisfied, and he put the jar to one side; he needed both his hands free for this.

He smirked as Jensen shivered when his fingertips found the ticklish spots. Jared's two rescue dogs, Sadie and Harley, are almost as famous among his fans as he is. The angel girl wasn't that bad. We had something to fell back on though. Indian celebrities nude photos. While most actors in Hollywood are normally shorter than you would expect Example A. I think I have a crush on him. If he were gay he would be playing up those females.

I love how Jared calls Jensen "gay" and Jensen just lets the statement sit there. Something about her pro-feminist, granola crunchy, Buddist ways. Steve Carlson and Jensen lived together in LA. I'm curious now as to how many people know this. I think this can easily be solved by giving a spoiler alert before posting the spoiler info further down the posted message.

If people in this thread have a problem with some people believeing these 2 are gay, perhaps they should take it up with Jared and Jensen and tell them to stop encouraging this rumour. They moved slowly towards the bed with Jensen struggling to stay upright as Jared leaned more of his weight on him. The original break up rumor involved his cheating. Jillian murray nude photos. I have to say that I do prefer Jared. Of course, we fans might like it even better when he uses his own shirt to fan himself.

There are a hell of a lot more than ten reasons why we should love that guy. That French Jensen interview that was mentioned can be found at the link sort of.

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Oh yes, I enjoy them very much. Indian nude hot video. I agree with you. But Sam though, I was instantly attracted to. No, I'm just kidding, says Jensen. Latinagirl - it got out before clean said anything. I didn't consider that before, but I will now. Jared padalecki and jensen ackles naked. It would of been kind of funny if the guy would punched Jared in the mouth.

Those fingers -- good for the piano. This indicates a compulsion to keep covered up, so we can say with certainty that Jensen has never allowed Jared to see his penis.

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I've seen the rest of those pics. I'm totally going to meet you one day sammie so watch out, here comes the crazy lady On the other hand, there is no photographic record of Jensen ever wearing flip-flops, in his public or private life. Lesbian tribb videos. R, Jensen has had many girlfriends over the years, some of which have been posted here - he likes women and has had a girlfriend ever since his time on Days of Our Lives.

I discovered Supernatural just a few months ago, so watching his rather amazing progression from sweet reluctant emotional Sam who I adored from Season1 to hard, cold, badass Sam has been a thing a beauty.

Yeah, the Dean and Anna scene was just awful. If he was the only one to blame, she would have just left it at a comment on her website, not try to help his ass. I have to confess, I was initially less impressed by Jared's skills in that department than Jensen's, but to his credit, Jared worked very hard to improve, and if you compare early season one Supernatural with later episodes, it's already obvious how far he came. Most Supernatural fans are women, anyway, not teens, despite what the CW thinks.

He looks as if he didn't sleep much last night. Will you make the cut? Every question Jared answered somehow had that Jensen has a crush on him in it. Jared looks at the ceiling while thinking about it.

The shirt went first, and then his T-shirt; he heard a whistle of appreciation as his body came into view. Football, baseball, hockey players are all physically demonstrative. We like that in a guy. Nude nipple pics. I think that's a screencap from Phantom Traveler directed by cranky old Robert Singer who I can't see doing a shot just for his pleasure. Supernatural, queer readings, and the romance of incestuous fan fiction".

I just spent a lot of time translating and typing this up and I don't feel like reading through it again to correct it. The split happened amicably. Only a couple of strands of hair are peeking out here and there underneath it.

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